Thursday, November 18, 2010

things i love

every so often i feel compelled to rave about i product that i love. not because they give them to me to review, (because no one actually reads my blog) but because these moms are just so awesome.

i have been eyeballing gen-y diaper covers for quite some time, but since i have been using more fitteds and covers on augie, i finally took the plunge and purchased a couple.

not only are they super cute, and not in your usual cutesy way. imagine day of the dead and edward gorey on a diaper cover and you will know i am in paradise!

they have two different styles, classic and universal and i personally prefer the universals, just because they offer more flexibilty for stuffing. they also seem to fit augie a little better. with him i always have trouble getting the rise high enough without the legs being too loose.

so, if anyone ever wants to get us presents...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

christmas card picture fail

so i had this really great idea that i wanted to take a picture of both boys (smiling of possible) for
a photo to use on a holiday card. i figured my best (and safest) chance was to strap the boys in the wagon, so no one could escape, fall over, run away, etc....i didn't want to get too cutesy, so i figured navy tshirts and jeans would give a feeling of unity while not coming off as too "matchy matchy." (yes i am addicted to project runway. plus i thought it would look cool if i decided to go black and white. my littlest is usually cooperative, and is perfectly happy sitting in the spiffy red wagon. big brother on the other hand....not having any of it! screams like a banshee when i try to place him into the wagon, won't even get withing 5 feet of the wagon. i don't think i am alone in this plight. i notice on shutterfly that there are PLENTY of card options with two or three photographs! not just one. *smile*

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

bean bag frogs

i have been getting in the holiday spirit (which is actually unusual for me) and started thinking about handmade gifts. maybe it is because we are a little poor, or because i like a good excuse to craft, but i love giving (and getting) things made by actual people.

i have been browsing around online for ideas and searching for the pattern for bean bag frogs. i had one when i was little, i think a teacher made it for me, and i remember loving that thing!

i found this cute little number on the purl frog and although it isn't exactly what i remember, it is pretty dang cute.

erector set

for my birthday this year i got a swing set for our backyard! part of the deal was that my dad had to come help assemble it. we got a bonus when mike's dad (an engineer) showed up as well!

i think the assembly wore everyone out!!

it is time to get back in the saddle

good morning old friends, and hopefully new ones! some of you know that vox blog is no more *sniff* . while i will miss looking back at all those photos from the past, it is nice to have a chance at a fresh start!

my goals this time around have expanded. not only do i hope to keep the pics of the kids current and up to date, for our out of town family, but i also want to talk more about the projects i am working on. it would be great to find some crafty moms out there who want to connect and share ideas!

Monday, November 1, 2010

happy halloween

we didn't really do the whole halloween thing this year. i still don't think milo gets it. i was a little depressed by that at first, but then i considered that he doesn't really get THAT much exposure to that kind of thing. they don't celebrate halloween at school, and it isn't like we walk around the house talking about it and making plans....i don't know why i think he would get it? you know?

still, i couldn't resist dressing augie up for a few minutes, just long enough to take a picture. i might have rolled him around the block in the wagon in this getup, because it was dang cute, but he seemed like he was sweating to death.

next year, trick or treating for everyone! boo!