Wednesday, December 8, 2010

things i love

i don't know how many of you spend a lot of time watching kids television? but these guys make the best shows. the kids love them, and mike and i love them too.

we originally encountered spiffy when we ran across jack's big music show on what was then called noggin'. the show had the power to cheer, calm, comfort, stimulate and engage our toddler when nothing else could.

i am sure i am not alone when i say i wait, impatiently, for them to come out with new shows for us to watch. so far there is only a photo......

in my in my ongoing series of things i love, i have to send a shout out to spiffy pictures.

family birthday celebration

one year olds don't really seem too into birthdays, but it is nice to have an excuse to get people together.

we had a little family get together over the weekend to celebrate the fact that we kept augie alive and well for a whole year.

mike's parents came down from ft. worth and milo was soooooo happy to see them. tommy and dale were also local, so they came too.

augie had a great time, and seems to really like cake...but the stars of the party were definitely milo and becca.

Friday, December 3, 2010

hooray for birthdays

i can't believe my littlest is already one! the year went soooo quickly and soon he won't be a baby any more.

i never would have imagined how much joy having kids would have brought to my life. sure, it is challenging and i can't remember the last time i slept for more than three hours at a stretch, but i wouldn't trade it for anything.

i am pretty dang lucky to have a hubby that is really involved with the kids, and that supports my wacky attached parenting, cloth diapering lifestyle.

i am sure i am going to gripe about my life from time to time. that is what blogs are for right? but deep down, i am really grateful for what i have.

we're crafteeee, from dusk till dawn

i am totally inspired by a blog that i found. it is called the artful parent and she does things with her kids that i dream of doing. i recently read her post on making holiday garlands with coffee filters and decided to try it with my 2.5 yo. we didn't have complete success with our product, but milo had a great time "painting." i'll try to remember to post a pic of our completed decorations!