Wednesday, November 17, 2010

christmas card picture fail

so i had this really great idea that i wanted to take a picture of both boys (smiling of possible) for
a photo to use on a holiday card. i figured my best (and safest) chance was to strap the boys in the wagon, so no one could escape, fall over, run away, etc....i didn't want to get too cutesy, so i figured navy tshirts and jeans would give a feeling of unity while not coming off as too "matchy matchy." (yes i am addicted to project runway. plus i thought it would look cool if i decided to go black and white. my littlest is usually cooperative, and is perfectly happy sitting in the spiffy red wagon. big brother on the other hand....not having any of it! screams like a banshee when i try to place him into the wagon, won't even get withing 5 feet of the wagon. i don't think i am alone in this plight. i notice on shutterfly that there are PLENTY of card options with two or three photographs! not just one. *smile*

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