Thursday, November 18, 2010

things i love

every so often i feel compelled to rave about i product that i love. not because they give them to me to review, (because no one actually reads my blog) but because these moms are just so awesome.

i have been eyeballing gen-y diaper covers for quite some time, but since i have been using more fitteds and covers on augie, i finally took the plunge and purchased a couple.

not only are they super cute, and not in your usual cutesy way. imagine day of the dead and edward gorey on a diaper cover and you will know i am in paradise!

they have two different styles, classic and universal and i personally prefer the universals, just because they offer more flexibilty for stuffing. they also seem to fit augie a little better. with him i always have trouble getting the rise high enough without the legs being too loose.

so, if anyone ever wants to get us presents...

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